Political Campaign Videos

Here are a few example template types

Social Media Updates

Save your campaign manager and their staff a ton of work.

Get your volunteers and staff making videos from the field or an event using our mobile app and your campaign H! will receive brand accurate and ready to publish videos when the field footage is inserted into template.

Supporter Endorsements

Support is key, what better way to show and build support than via 3rd party endorsements from the electorate.

Endorsements can be gathered via the mobile app in the field or via your own campaign website.

Multi Candidate Videos

Looking to produce videos for a number of candidates in an election campaign, look no further.

Our solution allows you to create similar looking on brand and on message videos, customized to each candidate. Customization / Personalization can include different photos, text and even backgrounds (local scenes).

The video above comes from an actual election campaign!

VME.O is not a political organization, and is strictly politics agnostic. Any political parties show, whether real or for illustration purposes are purely for illustration purposes. We welcome clients from all legal political views.

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