Investor Relations

Case study

Using a template, InvestorChannel generates automatic stock market watchlist videos, automatically published onto Youtube on a daily basis. See an example of their ‘Media Watchlist’ below.

What were the results?

Large number of videos published

A large number of videos are automatically published to Youtube on a daily basis for the various stock market watchlists.

Automated publishing

The stock market watchlist videos are published to Youtube automatically – no hassles whatsoever.

Audience engagement

With a daily stream of videos, the InvestorChannel audience is kept engaged with up-to-date information.

With different plans to suit your video needs, we’ve got you covered

Example investor relations template videos

PR updates

Make eye catching short videos for distribution on social media, mobile devices, and your website to attract attention to your press releases.

CEO updates

Get the investor public’s attention with engaging, informative updates from your company CEO quickly and easily. No studio or expensive video team necessary.

Company news updates

Choose from a variety of template designs to distribute your company news via social media or your website quickly and effectively.

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