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How it works

Its as simple as 1, 2 ... 3

1. Pick a Template

2. Add Data

3. Click Finish!

VEM.O makes it super simple to make template based videos!
Simply select a template (we make them custom to your need, format and brand), fill in the data via a simple web form, click “Finish”. Within a minute or two you will receive an email with a link to download that video and distribute it via social media, put it on your website, send it via mobile whatever you like. Don’t believe us, try it live on this website using one of our generic test templates…

Our Partners and Sample of Clients...

We were able to produce thousands of individually customized videos within minutes.
Tom S.
Head of Communications - CD&V
Cant believe how easy it is to make PR and News videos in seconds.
Wayne Tisdale
CEO - Canadian Palladium
Best value for money video solution, my assistant just has to cut, paste and click.
A. Singh
CEO - Beverly Hills Family Office Association

Why VME.O?

  • VME.O makes making a video as easy as filling in a form on a website.
  • VME.O delivers a full solution including making the templates in your brand.
  • VME.O has a flexible business model which scales with your usage.
  • VME.O lets you try before you buy with no commitment or credit card
  • VME.O is based on the industry leading video creation platform.
  • VME.O, because you have better things to do than learn video software.